Theology and Identity | Traditions, Movements, and Polity in the United Church of Christ, Revised (Johnson and Hambrick-Stowe, eds.)

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This collection of essays spans the breadth of the UCC with its roots, polity, ministry, worship issues, theological issues, and movements. It now includes a new preface and new chapter, "Into a New Century."

This comprehensive, newly expanded collection of 19 essays spans the breadth of the United Church of Christ and is presented as follows:
Part 1: Roots
Part 2: Polity, Ministry, and Worship Issues
Part 3: Theological Issues and Movements

The contributors, distinguished authorities in church leadership or theological education, write from their broad and diverse perspectives, and include: Donald G. Bloesch, Gabriel Fackre, Charles Hambrick-Stowe, Daniel L. Johnson, Rosemary McCombs Maxey, M. Douglas Meeks, Elizabeth C. Nordbeck, Alice Donovan, Ralph C. Quellhorst, Sharon H. Ringe, Reuben A. Sheares II, John C. Shetler, Roger L. Shinn, Samuel N. Slie, David M. Stowe, Richard H. Taylor, Frederick R. Trost, Bertrice Y. Wood, and Barbara Brown Zikmund.


DANIEL L. JOHNSON, a retired United Church of Christ pastor, taught UCC polity and history at Yale Divinity School and Eden Theological Seminary.

CHARLES HAMBRICK-STOWE is vice president and dean of Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Lombard, Illinois.

Publication date: 2007
Publisher: United Church Press