Sing Prayer and Praise | Accompaniment Edition (Ressman)

Sing Prayer and Praise | Accompaniment Edition (Ressman)

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The full keyboard accompaniment for Sing! Prayer and Praise. Set in a sturdy binder with 3-hole punched pages for easy use. An easy-to-use volume that includes indexes of arranges, composers, lyricists, and song titles.

Sing! Prayer and Praise songbook also available.

ABOUT Sing! Prayer and Praise

Context is everything! Songs selected for Sing! Prayer and Praise can be used in all settings of your congregation's life. Sing! Prayer and Praise is organized in four categories that are meant to help the worship planner get started. These areas are: Gathering, Encountering, Responding and Going Forth. This ecumenical resource for worship music celebrates justice & peace, being multiracial/cultural, being open & affirming of all people, and extravagantly welcoming. Sing! Prayer and Praise for all God's people.

ABOUT THE EDITOR of Sing! Prayer and Praise

Scott A. Ressman is former Minister for Worship, Music and the Liturgical Arts for the United Church of Christ.

Three-Ring Binder
ISBN 978-0-8298-1861-1