Sharing Leadership | A United Church of Christ Way of Being in Community (Drummond)

Sharing Leadership | A United Church of Christ Way of Being in Community (Drummond)

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Countercultural Leadership

In a world that celebrates individual charisma and personal platform, how can the United Church of Christ’s ethos of shared leadership provide a countercultural message? 

The UCC's structure and well-being depend upon shared leadership:

  • between pastors and congregations,
  • between churches and Associations/Conferences,
  • between believers with diverse life experiences,
  • across regions with varied histories. 

That quality of collaboration is often understated – in contrast to the United Church of Christ’s more public pronouncements – yet the ethos of shared leadership may be one of the UCC’s greatest gifts to a secular world that is increasingly narrated by division and platform. 

Praise for Sharing Leadership

"Sharing Leadership models what a great denominational textbook ought to look like, because it models what denominational and church leadership ought to look like."
- Willie James Jennings

"Drummond's catalytic gifts enable the world to be more than what God intends us to be. So read her words and let God's visions expand."
- Barbara Brown Zikmund

About the Author

Sarah B. Drummond is a scholar, educator, and ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, currently serving as the Dean of Andover Newton Seminary at Yale Divinity School.

United Church Press
Paperback: 176 pages
ISBN 978-0-8298-2174-1

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