With Sacred Threads | Quilting and the Spiritual Life (Towner-Larsen & Brewer Davis)

With Sacred Threads | Quilting and the Spiritual Life (Towner-Larsen & Brewer Davis)

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"The quilts within the pages of With Sacred Threads delight my spirit and nourish my soul...that same Spirit will be mirrored in the hearts and minds of all who read this book."
     --Carolyn L. Mazloomi, Ph.D., West Chester, Pennsylvania

"This book is an attempt to reflect on the endless ways that quilting is a context for the spiritual journey. Each chapter centers on a theme that connects to life in the Spirit and to life as a quilter. The metaphors and stories that thread their way through these two overlapping worlds, demonstate emphatically that the sacred exists in the routine happenings of our lives."
      --from the Introduction

A quilt will no longer be merely a collage of color or a tasteful arrangement of fabric once you have readWith Sacred Threads. Much like scripture, a quilt tells a story and echoes of voices far beyond what a mere hasty glance reveals. And a quilter is a meaning-speaker beyond what reason and language alone can fathom."
    --Rev. Dr. Howard E. Friend Jr. author of Recovering the Sacred Center:Renewal of the Church from the Inside Out



Susan Towner-Larsen served with the National Offices of the United Church of Christ.

Barbara Brewer Davis is a professional counselor and retreat facilitator. Both authors are avid quilters.


Paperback: 160 pages (7 x 7 in.)