What Church Leaders Really Need to Know | A Practical How-To Guide (Naylor)


Robert H. Naylor reminds us that if local church ministry is to be fruitful, it requires people with particular personal and professional gifts. What Church Leaders Really Need to Know: A Practical How-To Guide takes you beyond the "Mountaintops and Molehills" of ministry right to the core of what it means to be Christian. Naylor, through a well outlined and prayerful approach, delivers on the roles of leadership and the partnerships necessary for a church to grow. Proven checklists for ministry are included making What Church Leaders Really Need to Know truly A Practical How-To Guide.

Robert H. Naylor was the former senior minister of the Second Congregational Church, Greenwich, CT. Bob has served as a pastor for over forty years. He is currently lead consultant for In Church Imagining, a leadership training and planning resource for clergy and local churches.

Paperback: 224 pages (8.5 x 5.5 in.)