These Twelve Days | A Family Guide to After-Christmas Celebrations

These Twelve Days | A Family Guide to After-Christmas Celebrations

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Enjoy the twelve days after Christmas with this entertaining family guide to the stories and traditions of the holy season. Each chapter features a Scripture passage based on lectionary readings, information on the tradition of the day, and activities that will engage the heart and mind. This book is the ideal resource for families who want to deepen the meaning of Christmas and celebrate the holiday through Epiphany.

The Feast of Saint John: “On the third day of Christmas, we celebrate the life and works of John the evangelist. The gospel story John wrote did not begin with the manger and the shepherds. John connected the story of Jesus' birth to the dawn of creation: 'In the beginning was the Word.' In the Gospel of John, the creative power of the Word continues to the resurrection and from the resurrection throughout all of history.” – from These Twelve Days

James Kasperson serves as pastor of First Lutheran Church in Port Wing, Wisconsin, and as regional hospice chaplain in Ashland, Wisconsin. Marina D. Lachecki is pastor of St. John’s United Church of Christ in Lake Superior, Wisconsin.

United Church Press
120 pages
5.5 x 8.5