The New Century Hymnal | A Pipe-Organ Accompaniment CD

The New Century Hymnal | A Pipe-Organ Accompaniment CD

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For congregational worship and personal devotion, all 617 hymns from The New Century Hymnal are recorded by UCC organists. Each of four CD cases contains a CD and a booklet with the hymn number, name, track, and play-time for easy use and worship planning.

"These accompaniments, played on gorgeous instruments by gifted artists, will not only meet the needs of congregations currently without a resident musician, they will also creatively enhance many other ministries and programs of the church. I remember, for example, my home communion visits as a pastor. How wonderful it would have been to take with me the cherished music of the church that had always been such an important part of their life."
--Rev. John Thomas, Former General Minister and President, United Church of Christ

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