Take Back the Word | A Queer Reading of the Bible (Goss and West)

Take Back the Word | A Queer Reading of the Bible (Goss and West)

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Scriptural Resistance

Perhaps the most revolutionary contribution of Take Back the Word is its presentation of resistant practices of reading the Bible that challenge oppressive applications of Scripture to "clobber" queer folx. If lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender, non gender conforming, and questioning people are to take back the word of Scripture for themselves, they must take it back in a new way.

Essays examine queer strategies for reading, queer ethical models from the Hebrew Scriptures, and queer good news stories from the Christian Scriptures.

An impressive assembly of contributors bring their wisdom to the work of taking back the Word:

  • Rabbi Rebecca T. Alpert, PhD
  • Sharon A. Bezner, PhD
  • Rev. Thomas Bohache
  • Rev. Celena M. Duncan
  • Robert E. Goss, ThD
  • Rev. Thomas Hanks, PhD
  • Christopher King, DPhil
  • Victoria S. Kolakowski
  • Rev. James Martin
  • Rev. Jim Mitulski
  • Dr. Virginia Ramey Mollenkott
  • Irene Monroe
  • Benjamin Perkins
  • Rev. Michael S. Piazza
  • Rabbi Dawn Robinson Rose, PhD
  • Ken Stone, PhD
  • Elizabeth Stuart, DPhil
  • Rev. Justin Tanis
  • Rev. Irene Travis
  • Rev. Mona West

About the Editors

Robert Shore-Goss was ordained a Jesuit priest before transferring as clergy to the Metropolitan Community Church. He co-founded Food Outreach, an AIDS service organization that delivered meals to people living with HIV. He earned a ThD in Comparative Religion from Harvard University and served on the staff with MCC of Greater St. Louis.

Mona West was ordained in the Southern Baptist denomination before transferring her ordination credentials to the Metropolitan Community Church. She earned her PhD in Old Testament Studies and served on the pastoral staff of Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, Texas.

Paperback: 239 pages
ISBN 978-0-8298-1397-5

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