Say Grace

Say Grace

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Say Grace is a 30-page collection of 22 short prayers to say before meals. Designed especially for those—including families with children—who have never prayed at the table before. This is the place to start.

Whether you’re sitting down to take-out Chinese, pizza, a home-cooked meal, or a hot dog at a picnic, there’s a prayer here to deepen your appreciation. By writers of the popular Stillspeaking Daily Devotional.

Prayer topics include:

  • A Prayer for Reluctant Carnivores
  • Our Holy Guest
  • A Bit O' Sun
  • We're Hungry
  • and more


The Stillspeaking Writers' Group is made up of United Church of Christ ministers, pastors, and authors who collaborate on a variety of resources for people in the church, outside the church, and not so sure about the church. Their motto: "Hearing God where you live (and other surprising places)."