Preventing Child Sexual Abuse | A Curriculum for Ages Five Through Eight (Reid)


Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: A Curriculum for Ages Five Through Eight provides information about sexual abuse and prevention to children (Grades 1-3) in the context of a religious education program. The thirteen sessions fit into a typical Sunday morning church school program, but can also be used for summer vacation church school, after school programs, camping programs, and a variety of other children's group events. Kathryn Goering Reid draws on excellent secular materials while using basic biblical resources. Preventing Child Sexual Abuse confronts misinterpretations of biblical passages that have been used to support abusive relationships. Through songs, worksheets and other reproducible items, prevention techniques are taught in an environment of God's caring and a supportive community.



Kathryn Goering Reid is an ordained pastor and executive director of the Family Abuse Center, Waco, Texas.

Paperback: 125 pages (8.5 x 11)