The New Century Hymnal | Deluxe Edition

The New Century Hymnal | Deluxe Edition

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Permissions Notice

Please note: The Pilgrim Press cannot grant an "umbrella" license for congregations to reprint and/or stream hymns, because Pilgrim does not hold the copyright on all hymns in The New Century Hymnal. Please visit our partner, One License, to seek permission to reprint, project, and/or stream individual hymns in your worship service. If you have additional questions, please visit our permissions page.

Inclusive-Language Hymns

The New Century Hymnal invites the Church into the 21st century. The best hymns of the past are combined with exciting new hymnody from some of the finest contemporary poets and composers. The New Century Hymnal reflects a high level of musical and theological scholarship -- including fresh adaptations of original texts, honoring tradition while at the same time using inclusive language that will welcome and affirm all as members of Christ's church.


  • more than 600 hymns
  • many new translations to bring freshness to older texts
  • over 100 psalms, set to music
  • harmonizations carefully selected for congregational singing
  • orders for worship, with services for morning and evening prayer

The deluxe edition has a soft, leather-like black cover, gold-edged pages, and ribbon markers. The UCC deluxe edition has a stamp of the UCC emblem on its cover; the ecumenical deluxe edition does not include the stamped emblem.

Ecumenical deluxe edition: ISBN 978-0-8298-1053-0
UCC deluxe edition: ISBN 978-0-8298-1052-3

Imprinting Available

New on The imprint option is now a separate "item" to add to your shopping cart when purchasing The New Century Hymnal. The requested name to be imprinted can be added when you purchase the imprinting "item."

If you purchase "Deluxe Edition for Imprinting" without also purchasing "Imprint Option: Hymnals," you will only receive the ordered hymnal(s) without any text imprinted on the cover. If you purchase "Imprint Option: Hymnals" without also purchasing "Deluxe Edition for Imprinting," your order will be considered incomplete.

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