Jesus and those Bodacious Women | Life Lessons from One Sister to Another (Hollies)


Linda H. Hollies is well-known for her new spins on stories of biblical women such as Mary Magdalene, the Bent-over Woman, Queen Esther, and Mary. Hollies writes with empathy, inspiration, humor, and poignancy.

Five new stories - with additional spins and turns - have been added to this classic: Vashti, Jezebel, Cosbi (prostitute in Book of Numbers), Dorcas, and Lydia.

Each chapter in Jesus And Those Bodacious Women: Life Lessons from One Sister to Another includes "Just Between Us" questions and suggestions that will resonate with readers.


Linda Hollies was an ordained United Methodist minister and the pastor of Calvary United Methodist Church in Jackson, Michigan. She was a popular writer and speaker, and the spiritual director/pastoral counselor of WomanSpace in Grand Rapids, Michigan. One of The Pilgrim Press's best-selling authors, she wrote over one dozen books.

Paperback: 268 pages (5 x 7 in.)