Inner Healing for Broken Vessels | A Domestic Violence Survival Guide (Hollies)

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Inner Healing for Broken Vessels, originally published in 1992, follows the author's healing process as she made the decision to move forward with her life after being a victim of childhood incest.

She outlines the seven steps she has identified as necessary for this type of healing: recognition, admission, sharing, confession, reconciliation, choose to be different, and choosing daily. She parallels them to profiles of both biblical and modern-day women who have struggled with similar issues.


Linda Hollies was an ordained United Methodist minister and the pastor of Calvary United Methodist Church in Jackson, Michigan. She was a popular writer and speaker, and the spiritual director/pastoral counselor of WomanSpace in Grand Rapids, Michigan. One of The Pilgrim Press' best-selling authors, she wrote over one dozen books.

Paperback: 125 pages (6 x 8 in.)