Imprint Option | Hymnals

Imprint Option | Hymnals

  • $5.00

Due to the relocation of our imprinting operations, all Imprint Options will not be available from May 13 - July 1, 2022. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Order imprinting for hymnals

For imprinting, purchase a hymnal as well as this imprint option.

Adding an imprinted name to the cover of a hymnal will create a treasured keepsake. 

Whether for a hardcover pew hymnal, imprinted with the name of your congregation -- or for a softcover deluxe hymnal, imprinted to honor a beloved church musician -- an imprinted hymnal celebrates a moment in the life of a community of faith.

Imprinting available for the following hymnals on

Imprinting not available for the following hymnals:

  • The New Century Hymnal Accompanist Edition
  • The New Century Hymnal Psalter
  • The Pilgrim Hymnal Accompanist Edition
  • Sing! Prayer and Praise Songbook
  • Sing! Prayer and Praise Accompanist Edition
  • The United Church of Christ Hymnal

Please note:

If you purchase a "Hymnal for Imprinting" without also purchasing "Imprint Option: Hymnals," you will only receive the ordered hymnal(s) without any text imprinted on the cover.

If you purchase "Imprint Option: Hymnals" without also purchasing a "Hymnal for Imprinting," your order will be cancelled by our staff as incomplete.

One name only, imprinted in gold

The imprint option for hymnals is a separate "item" to add to your shopping cart when purchasing a hymnal from The Pilgrim Press. 

For $5.00, have a name imprinted in gold on the hymnal in your shopping cart.

For an additional $25.00 rush fee ($30.00 total), have your imprinted hymnal delivered to you within two (2) weeks.