Imprint Option | Book of Worship

Imprint Option | Book of Worship

  • $5.00

For imprinting, purchase the Book of Worship and this Imprint Option

Order imprinting for the Book of Worship (Pocket Edition)

Adding an imprinted name to the cover of the Book of Worship (Pocket Edition) will create a treasured keepsake.

The Book of Worship is designed for use by worship leaders during Christian worship in the United Church of Christ. The pocket edition has gold-edged pages, ribbons for marking pages, and a black leather-like soft cover.

One name only, imprinted in gold

New on The imprint option for the Book of Worship is now a separate "item" to add to your shopping cart when purchasing the Book of Worship from The Pilgrim Press. (Imprinting cannot be ordered for the desk edition (hardcover binder) of the Book of Worship.)

For $5.00, have a name imprinted in gold on the Book of Worship (Pocket Edition) in your shopping cart.

For an additional $25.00 rush fee ($30.00 total), have your imprinted Book of Worship delivered within two (2) weeks.