Holding On … While Letting Go | Reflections in Times of Grave Illness (Hemenway)


No one enjoys being in the hospital. It is a scary place filled with strange smells, sounds, and people. You count the days, feel the pain, try to undertand, are courageous going through tests and treatments and exams . . . and wait to go home. Joan Hemenway helps you find ways to take this all to God and find the strength to go one in Holding On . . . While Letting Go.

More in-depth than a greeting card, these inspirational booklets help you find the right words...a caring thought...a comforting reflection. Whether used by a pastor or caregiver, or given from friend to friend, these booklets communicate compassion in extraordinary ways.


Joan E. Hemenway whose contributions to the pastoral care, counseling, and education movement were cut short by her untimely death was also the author of Inside the Circle: A Historical and Practical Inquiry Concerning Process.

Paperback: 24 pages (5.5 x 5.5 in.)