History and Program | Revised and Updated (Post / Dipko)

History and Program | Revised and Updated (Post / Dipko)

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"Our world is very different from the world our founders sought to address, in ways our forebears in the 1950s could have hardly imagined. Yet we remain what we have always been at our best, a people bearing witness to a grand moral vision rooted in the Bible and the person of the crucified and risen Christ, and a people of spiritual audacity, prepared to risk old assumptions for the sake of new possibilities." - John H. Thomas, former General Minister and President, United Church of Christ

This best-selling, newly revised and updated book shares the: History of the United Church of Christ; Background on its predecessor bodies; Information on its Covenanted Ministries; Explanation of its emblem; and Statement of Faith.

MARGARET ROWLAND POST spent her professional life in education and publishing, working with the Wellesley Press, "Discovery Magazine" (Westminster Press), United Church News, and The Central Committee of the World Council of Churches.

THOMAS E. DIPKO is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and the former executive vice president of the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries.