God In My Life | Faith Stories & How & Why We Share Them (Tirabassi & Tirabassi)

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God in My Life is a panorama of faith stories. Teenagers, Conference Ministers from each United Church of Christ conference as well as leaders from the six historically under-represented groups, were invited to share how God is active and engaged - not just in any stage of life - but in adolescence. This initial cluster of stories was enhanced with more from the unique perspectives of many others.

A resource section contains a range of methods and activities designed so that small youth or intergenerational groups, confirmation classes, teen or adult retreats can experience the sharing of faith stories in safe, fun, and non-threatening ways.



Maren Tirabassi is a United Church of Christ local church pastor and one of The Pilgrim Press’s best-selling authors. Two of her previous works focus on youth ministry: Blessing New Voices: Prayers of Young People and Worship Resources for Youth Ministry and DayBook for New Voices: A Calendar of Reflections by and for Youth.

Maria Tirabassi, a published poet and teacher, is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston. Her most recent youth ministry book is DayBook for New Voices: A Calendar of Reflections by and for Youth.


Paperback: 132 pages (5.5 x 8.5 in.)