First Comes Love? The Ever-Changing Face of Marriage (Morris)

First Comes Love? The Ever-Changing Face of Marriage (Morris)

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The Many Traditions of Marriage

In an entertaining yet factual manner, John C. Morris explores 21 different traditions of marriage across biblical, European, and North American contexts.

First Comes Love?: The Ever-Changing Face of Marriage aims to transcend some of the overblown rhetoric and heated emotion surrounding the institution of marriage. Morris offers an appreciation of where marriage has taken us in the past, where it might be headed in the future, and how God has been, and always will be, intimately involved in our journey. 

First Comes Love? is perfect for discussion groups.

About the Author

John C. Morris is an Episcopal priest and teacher in the Diocesan Study Program in the Diocese of Vermont.  He received his MS.Th. from The General Theological Seminary in New York City.

Paperback: 128 pages (5.5 x 8.5 in.)
ISBN 978-0-8298-1755-3