The Essential Parish Nurse | ABCs for Congregational Health Ministry (Patterson)

The Essential Parish Nurse | ABCs for Congregational Health Ministry (Patterson)

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The Essential Parish Nurse: ABCs for Congregational Health Ministry is a practical and useful resource for churches that are interested in developing a parish nurse program. Covering a broad range, it discusses the need for parish nurse ministry, a brief history of parish nursing, and the role of the parish nurse. Deborah L. Patterson provides an appendix with sample materials needed to start a parish nursing ministry, including: job description; health needs survey; congregational survey; nursing performance evaluation; outcomes; and a measurement tool.


Deborah L. Patterson is the Executive Director of Northwest Parish Nurse Ministries, which support the growth and development of parish nursing/faith community nurse programs and health ministries throughout the Pacific Northwest. Deborah is the author of a primer on parish nursing (The Essential Parish Nurse), one on Health Ministries (Health Ministries: A Primer for Clergy and Congregations), a book of prayers and meditations for parish nurses and health ministers, and a book of sermons and adult education resources for health ministries, covering topics such as "access to care, call to health ministry, healthy lifestyles, healthy families, healing our infirmities, and the health of creation." Formerly the Executive Director of the International Parish Nurse Resource Center, Deborah has also personally experienced just how essential a parish nurse can be, and how healing words can make all the difference in the world.

Paperback: 160 pages (5.5 x 8.5 in.)