Deceiving the Devil | Atonement, Abuse, and Ransom (Ray)

Deceiving the Devil | Atonement, Abuse, and Ransom (Ray)

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Reconsidering Christ and Rejecting Evil

Are traditional teachings about the life and death of Jesus enough? What do they reveal? Does God merely wish for suffering people to passively succumb to the threats of evil and oppression? Is the life of Christ a model for abuse?

In Deceiving the Devil: Atonement, Abuse, and Ransom, Darby Ray presents the two classical Christian models of the life of Jesus — the Anselmian and the Abelardian. Ray then examines objections raised by feminist and liberationist scholars, and reclaims a third classical model in order to empower the marginalized.

A powerful theology, Deceiving the Devil underscores how God in Christ rejects the tools of evil in a way that offers hope in a broken world.

About the Author

Darby Kathleen Ray is assistant professor of religious studies at Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi.

Paperback: 163 pages
ISBN 978-0-8298-1253-9