Affirming Faith Resources | Revised and Updated (Dipko)

  • $28.00

The United Church of Christ Statement of Faith is the core of the Affirming Faith confirmation resource for youth ages 12-16. This multifaceted resource contains two pieces: Affirming Faith: A Congregation's Guide to Confirmation and Affirming Faith: A Confirmand's Journal, and is designed to assist congregations in leading youth in faith information.

The Congregation's Guide is for leaders, and includes session plans, retreat plans, biblical and theological helps, music, liturgical resources, and a glossary of terms. Order one per leader.

The Confirmand's Journal is a guidebook for the confirmation journey that gives background information for each session, and contains scriptures, stories, and prayers. It asks important questions that can be discussed in a group or contemplated on one's own. Journaling space is provided for each student to personally reflect about God and their faith. Order one copy per student.

Thomas E. Dipko is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and the former executive vice president of the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries.