2 Corinthians | A LISTEN UP! Bible Study (Robinson and de Jong)

2 Corinthians | A LISTEN UP! Bible Study (Robinson and de Jong)

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What's a LISTEN UP! Bible Study, and why is it unique?
God's word is alive. God will always have something new to say to us. That's why the purpose of the LISTEN UP! Bible Study series is not simply learning information about the Bible. It is hearing God speak. There is a difference. In these Bible studies, you will be encouraged to listen: listen to the Bible, listen to your own questions and responses, and listen to the honest sharing among participants in your study group. Trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit, we believe that in that mix of biblical text, personal engagement, and honest speaking and listening, God's word may be heard, speaking words of challenge and words of comfort.

2 Corinthians LISTEN UP! Bible Study
In 2 Corinthians, Paul responds to criticism of his preaching and teaching, as well as his leadership. At least some in Corinth were more impressed by other preachers and teachers who pointed early and often to their own incredible spiritual experiences. Paul spoke of himself in less glowing terms. He recounted not his achievements, but his struggles and even his failures. Why? Because he believed that talking about one's glowing resume turned faith into an instrument of personal success, shifting the focus from God to ourselves.

A six-lesson study, 2 Corinthians is a little choppy, perhaps because it is in all likelihood the compilation of a couple of letters and not just one. Still, it is possible to outline its structure and contents briefly as follows:

  • Chapters 1 - 2:13: Might be thought of as "Unfinished Business," as Paul explains why he hasn't visited Corinth as promised and what this means.
  • Chapters 2:14 and Chapter 7: Paul's ministry among the Corinthians - how he understands his role, the gospel and leadership.
  • Chapters 8 - 9: The Collection for the Church in Jerusalem (some things here that are particularly useful for stewardship season!)
  • Chapters 10 - 13: Paul takes on the "super-apostles," boasting, paradoxically, of his own weaknesses.

Leader's Guide included in this workbook.

Anthony B. Robinson
is a Seattle-based speaker, teacher, writer and consultant and an ordained United Church of Christ minister.

Patricia de Jong is Senior Minister at First Congregational United Church of Christ in Berkeley, California.

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