Strength in the Struggle | Leadership Development for Women (McKenzie)

Strength in the Struggle | Leadership Development for Women (McKenzie)

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Encouraging Women's Leadership

Despite the challenges, women continue to make great strides in their chosen careers.  As more women nurture the interconnections between their professional and spiritual lives, they become more insistent in finding ways to combine both lives.

Strength in the Struggle includes a wealth of information with chapters such as:

  • "A Foundation on Leadership,"
  • "Defining Moments," and
  • "Living Beyond the Stereotypes." 

McKenzie also offers a leadership lesson on the character of Dorothy from the classic book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Strength in the Struggle will provide women with insight and encouragement to develop and grow as effective leaders.

About the Author

Vashti McKenzie is the first woman elected bishop in the 213-year history of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME). She is a bestselling author with The Pilgrim Press, having written Not Without a Struggle and Swapping Housewives.

Paperback: 140 pages (5.5 x 8.5 in.)
ISBN 978-0-8298-1212-1