Dear Sisters | A Womanist Practice of Hospitality (Westfield)

Dear Sisters | A Womanist Practice of Hospitality (Westfield)

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The Life-Strength of Sisterhood

What allows African American women not just to survive but to become resilient?

N. Lynne Westfield finds an answer to this question as she examines the Dear Sisters' Literary Group. As a Womanist scholar, Westfield reflects on the ways in which the hospitality of the group relates to the long-standing African American tradition of concealed gatherings, the Christian tradition of hospitality, and Christian education.

About the Author

Nancy Lynne Westfield, PhD, writes about the spiritual and educational experiences of African Americans. She has taught at Drew University Theological School, and is an ordained deacon in the United Methodist Church.

Paperback: 148 pages
ISBN 978-0-8298-1449-1