Your Life, Better

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New Day, New You!

The Your Life, Better booklets offer simple, straightforward ideas to transform your mind-body-spirit wellbeing. Each full-color booklet provides 20 everyday practices, habits, reminders and reflections to nourish your life. See for yourself how they can make your life better:

Nourish your body.
Know your limits.
Celebrate simple pleasures.
Every day, do the out-of-the-ordinary.
Prune with purpose.

The Your Life, Better series includes:

  • 20 Habits of Happy People
  • 20 Lessons Learned While Traveling
  • 20 Lessons on Caring for Elderly Parents
  • 20 Life Lessons Learned from Cooking
  • 20 Life Lessons Learned while Shopping
  • 20 Life Lessons that Parenting Can Teach You
  • 20 Life Lessons that Walking Your Dog Can Teach You
  • 20 Spiritual Practices that Yard Work Can Teach You
  • 20 Ways to Keep Sabbath
  • 20 Ways to Live Through Anxious Times
  • 20 Ways to Thrive with a Chronic Illness
  • 20 Ways to Welcome Your New Baby

Give the Your Life, Better booklets as gifts, purchase them to share with friends who need an encouraging boost, or treat yourself to the perfect set of life lessons.

About the Authors

Writers for the Your Life, Better series included members of the Stillspeaking Writers' Group and of the UCC National Staff: Gregg Brekke, Martin B. Copenhaver, Lillian Daniel, Tiffany J. French, J. Bennett Guess, Aimee J. Jannsohn, Deborah L. Patterson, Anthony B. Robinson, Donna Schaper, Tina Villa.

Paperback: 24 pages each (4" x 5")
Published 2011-2012