Sammie's Flat Dog (Shockley)

Sammie's Flat Dog (Shockley)

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For Pet Lovers of All Ages

Sammie wants a dog even more than she wants ice cream with sprinkles, but her moms think she is too young. Determined to love a puppy, Sammie takes care of a paper picture of a dog and carries it with her every day.

"Sammie's Flat Dog shares a message about compassion, responsibility, and the value of adopting a pet in the form of a thoroughly enchanting children's story. With more parents like Mama Stacy and Mama Carla and more children like Sammie in the world, the work of humane societies, animal shelters, and rescue groups everywhere would be so much easier." 
 Sharon Harvey, President & CEO, Cleveland Animal Protective League

Sammie's Flat Dog is a read-along delight that will appeal to all ages. Author and illustrator Gary Alan Shockley includes fun explorations and activities hidden on every page.

About the Author

Gary Alan Shockley is an artist and author, whose nonfiction books include Desperately Seeking Spirituality, Staying Sober, and Transcending Generations. Slug and Snail Search for Home features her first children's book illustrations. Follow Meredith's work on Instagram @themeredithgould.arts and at

Hardcover 10" x 8"
44 pages
ISBN 978-0-8298-0002-9