Medicine as Ministry | Reflections on Suffering, Ethics, and Hope (Mohrmann)

Medicine as Ministry | Reflections on Suffering, Ethics, and Hope (Mohrmann)

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Praise for Medicine as Ministry

"This is not just another book about ethics, but, rather, it is a book filled with the wisdom of a person willing to have her life as a physician touched by her patients. We are all ennobled by her witness." - Stanley Hauerwas, Duke University

Bridging Medicine and Faith

In this profoundly theological reflection on illness, healing, and the doctor-patient relationship, pediatrician Margaret Mohrmann bridges the sometimes disparate worlds of medicine and faith, of high technology and ultimate concern.

Drawing on her two decades of experience treating children who suffer from disease and dysfunction, the author movingly reveals the temptations of idolatry that beset our understanding of health and life, the intrinsic connectedness underlying all medical encounters, and the difficulties and riches of using scripture as a moral resource.

About the Author

Margaret E. Mohrmann, M.D., is a practicing physician and an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Virginia, where she received a PhD in religious ethics.

ISBN 978-0-8298-1073-8