Looking Up While Lying Down | Thoughts, Poems, and Prayers for Those in the Hospital, Revised (Biegert)


John E. Biegert knew first hand how confinements in the hospital can be lonely, depressing, anxiety-producing, and painful. . .out of his experiences he shares with you, Looking Up. . . While Lying Down: Thoughts, Poems, and Prayers for Those in the Hospital. Looking Up. . . While Lying Down is filled with prayers, thoughts, scripture passages, and poems that will bring meaning and hope while in the hospital.

More in-depth than a greeting card, these inspirational booklets help you find the right words...a caring thought...a comforting reflection. Whether used by a pastor or caregiver, or given from friend to friend, the booklet communicates compassion in extraordinary ways.


John E. Biegert is a retired United Church of Christ minister. He is the author of several bestselling booklets in The Pilgrim Press Looking Up series. He lives in LaGrange, Illinois.

Paperback: 24 pages (5.5 x 5.5 in.)