War or Words? Interreligious Dialogue as an Instrument of Peace (Musser and Sutherland, eds.)

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Stetson University in DeLand, Florida hosted a series of lectures and discussions entitled "Peace, Violence, and Religion" from which the majority of the essays in this volume are derived.  Like the lectures, the essays' central theme is that any possibility of lasting global peace depends upon dialogue between religions.  The contributors explore the contexts of religious dialogue and the promise that such discussions will bring about a more peaceful world.  
Contributors: Hans Kung, Daniel M. Bell, Jr., Martin L. Cook, John Dominic Crossan, Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz, Steven Leonard Jacobs, John Kelsay, Charles A. Kimball, John Mohawk, Donald W. Musser, Daniel A. Puchalla, D. Dixon Sutherland, and Valarie H. Ziegler.



Donald Musser is Hal S. Marchman Professor of Civic and Social Responsibility and professor of religious studies at Stetson University.

D. Dixon Sutherland is professor of religious studies and director of the Institute of Christian Ethics at Stetson University.


Paperback: 247 pages (6 x 9 in.)