I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church! (Nixon)

I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church! (Nixon)

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God has called all of us to lead healthy, growing, spiritual churches. For this very reason, Paul Nixon refused to lead a dying church. Paul invites you in refusing, ever again, to lead a dying church.  This commitment entails six choices: Choosing life over death; Choosing community over isolation; Choosing fun over drudgery; Choosing bold over mild; Choosing frontier over fortress; and Choosing now rather than later.

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Paul Nixon
, an ordained minister in The United Methodist Church, lives in Washington, DC. He works with scores of ministry pioneers in DC and around the nation who seek to create fresh expressions of faith community, especially in the UCC and UMC denominations. He is President/CEO of Epicenter Group (www.epicentergroup.org) and also Readiness 360 (www.readiness360.org). Nixon also serves as a New Church Development Strategist for the Path 1 project of The United Methodist Church. He is the author of I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church! Finding Jesus on the Metro: And Other Surprises Doing Church in a New Day, and We Refused to Lead a Dying Church; Churches that Came Back Against All Odds, published by The Pilgrim Press.

Paperback: 128 pages (5.5 x 8.5 in.)